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Cutter/cruiser NEPEAN and her Commander William Brown
I'm searching for information on the Irish Revenue Cruiser NEPEAN and her Commander William Brown, who was with her ca.1800-1810. This vessel appears to have entered the service in the first decade of the 1800s. So far I have gathered some small bits and snippets on the Nepean from the contemporary newspapers, but absolutely nothing on Cmdr.Brown.
Any information is welcome!
Dmitry welcome to the Forum.

I'm assuming that since your question is posted in the Genealogy section of the Forum that you are more interested in the man than the ship. If so, what other information do you already have on him, and what is the source of that information?

I have found various references to the ship on the internet, but with different captains. Unfortunately there appears to be nothing in the Coastguard records for this particular Revenue cutter.

Hi, Martin. Thanks for your response. I'm interested in both the ship and her captain, but didn't want to double-post in different sections.
there are several mentions of the revenue cruiser Nepean on-line, as you wrote, but none of them mention Brown as her commander. There are two other vessels with that name that I have located. I am not sure that William Brown commanded the Revenue Cruizer, the packet cutter or the hired smack. I was wondering if there is a list of officers who were in the HM Revenue Service for that time frame..
The problem you have is that the Revenue Service during this time period was administered by Customs and not the Admiralty. It was not until 1822 that the disparate parts of the anti smuggling forces (Mounted Guard, Revenue Cruisers and Waterguard) were combined into the CG Service under the RN.

I don't have access to the very early Navy Lists, but it is here that you can sometimes trace an officers career. The earliest Navy List I have is 1814, but there is no mention of any of the Revenue Cruisers or the officers commanding them.

The first semi-official mention I have found to Nepean is in O'Byrne's Naval Biography (1847), and that in the entry for Lt. William Borough who was her captain around 1808-9. In this she is described as an 8 gun cutter on the Irish Station. However, I see from the National Archives online catalogue that there is the service questionnaire submitted by Borough's which might provide detailed dates for his service, but this cannot be downloaded, and has to be ordered.

The only other captain I have for Nepean is John Hutchinson, but I have no idea as to his dates of service.

Martin, thanks again for the info on the Revenue Service.
I do have the early Navy Lists, Lloyd's, access to period newspapers, etc. I've made a short list of all the officers who were in the Nepean over the years.
At this point I'm leaning towards the mail packet Captain, as opposed to the Revenue, but I can be wrong.
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