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searching for John Townsend
Nigel Townsend

I am seeking to confirm that my G grandfather served in the following CG stations following his RN service. He appears to be a Petty Officer (?) (P.O.C.1) on his Navy record of service. His naval number was 89833. He then became a Boatman in the CG. in the Kingstown District (based at Dublin).

a. 29 Oct 1895 to 19 Nov 1895 P.O.1.C HMS Melampus
b. 20 NOV 1895 to 21 AUG 1899 Boatman - Cranfield Point (Greencastle, Co Down)
c. 22 AUG 1899 Boatman Kingstown - Dunany Point (worst writing-biggest assumption) Co Louth
d. 5 Jun 1900 to 22 June 1900 Commissioned Boatman - Dunany Point
e. 23 June 1900 to 28 July 1903 Commissioned Boatman - Ballymoney, Co Wexford
f. 28 July 1903 Pensioned off (his original cert of service has a (pension?) number inserted at this point -7021)
g. 16 Jan 1904 Joined Royal Fleet Reserve (Devonport Port Division - official No. still as 89833 on his original cert of service) (Note- another number comes up as a/1223 by hand at the top of his RFR cert of service and when his NA navy/coastguard cert of service notes his joining the RFR ).
6. Some correspondence from the Admiralty regarding his pension dated 15 March 1909 states 'in reply quote AG 10 CS 15438'.

I am also trying to track down a child, Patrick Townsend, who was born in 1900 in Co.Louth, presumably Dunany Point. He died in 1904 (14 Oct) just after he was pensioned off when the family had moved to Ballyduff North Nr Arklow, Co Wicklow. I understand that station records may include drtails of families.

The family history is that he was also the Coxn on a lifeboat. Looking at the maps, I think he may have been at Ballymoney at this time and been on the lifeboat at Courtown, Co Wicklow. I have not managed to confirm this.

I have had difficulty in finding info on the National Archives site.

Any help clarifying this info would be gratefully recieved.

Thanks, Nigel
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