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Hello, I am researching an ancestor who served in the Royal Navy. He signed on for ten years CS in 1854. He re-signed for another ten years in January 1864 and was assigned to HAWKE from January 1864 to March 1865. His record then states that he was then assigned to ACHILLES FROM 25 March 1865 to 6 July 1866 from which he was discharged to the Coastguard ('For Coastguard' is noted in the column headed WHITHER DISCHARGED directly beside 6July 1866. My query is as follows: What were the duties and movements of the above ships from 1864 to July 1866? I had been under the impression that he was in the Coastguard from the beginning of 1864( having read somewhere that those ships were employed in the Coastguard service) but his service record seems to suggest otherwise. Would any member be able to clarify what my ancestor was doing officially, from January 1864 to 6 July 1866. Many thanks.
The two ships you mention were CG vessels that maintained a small regular standing crew that would be augmented by Seamen CG's in the event of a national crisis, forming an Inshore Squadron with other CG vessels from around the coast - Ireland had two such ships . These vessels acted as the administrative centre for the CG districts and the landbased CGs' were carried on their books. During the summer the landbased CGs' were expected to undertake a training cruise on their assigned ship.
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