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Schooner CHASE O.N. 63375
A Good Day to all
This is my first post and I am seeking any information on behalf of my family about wreckage picked up near St.Govans* by a Coast Guard Man at Bullslaughter Bay Pembrokeshire about the second week in Sept. 1884. I got this information from the Shipwrecks U.K.Site But they dont know of a wreck. A Figure Head and a Headboard bearing the word CHASE. was washed ashore. The Owner /Captain of the ship was our Great Great Grandfather Daniel Sullivanof Cheekpoint Co .Waterford Ireland. With him on that trip was his son Thos.aged 15 (not a Crew member) his elder son Chas.(Mate) and Michael Nugent sailor. They sailed from Bute Dock Cardiff on 6th. Sept 1884. with coal for Passage East Co.Waterford I contacted The Receiver of Wrecks Office to be told that they only have records after 1992 prior to then records were kept at local offices. does any body know if a record of the event would still be in a local office. My hope is if I find when the wreckage was found I might then find what the weather conditions were like at the time.
The CHASE was built by HODGES of Cardiff in 1876/1877 Official No. 63375 Port of Reg.Waterford
L 71 Ft. B.17.2Ft. Gt.64t Net 58t. Any help or advice will be most appreciated.
Best Regards to all and Take Care Patrick (schoonerman)
Sailed mainly Geordie Tramps and Smiths of Cardiff +NE Coast Colliers and Everards Harbour tugs and Dredgers
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