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John Ward, Robert's Cove
Hello from Australia
I am looking for any information/advice/connections to my great-great-great grandfather, Joseph Ward who I believe to have been a Coastguard at Robert's Cove, probably in the 1840s-1850s. His daughter, Jane Ward, married my, great-great grandfather, Michael Lyons in Cork in August 1857

Please advise if this request is not allowable in this group.

Kind regards
Annette Boyle
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Annette welcome to the Forum. Your question is just what the Forum aims to answer.

I have traced Joseph's CG service and the references I quote refer to documents available online off the National Archives website as free downloads, all in the ADM 175 series.

Your man had been working as an Extra Man at Mynish CG Station, Westport, prior to officially joining the CG Service. You are fortunate because the early Irish Nomination Book sometimes includes details of a mans place of birth, his age, marital status and any children. If you download ADM 175/99 pdf 124 you will see that in Feb 1829 Joseph gave his place of birth as Baltimore, 29, married with two children. Immediately on entry he was transferred to Atherfield CG Station in England (ADM 175/16 pdf 264) - he then made the following moves:

9 Feb 1829 Westport (Mynish) to Atherfield 175/5 - 41
21 April 1829 Atherfield to Bembridge 175/5 - 36
1 Sept 1830 Bembridge to Ryde 175/5 - 40
12 June 1832 Ryde to Lighthouse (Ireland) 175/16 - 85
6 Nov 1833 Lighthouse/Roches Point to Roberts Cove 175/19 - 104
from where, after 20 years at the same station, he was pensioned on 1 Dec 1853 ADM 175/19 pdf 104.

Hope this helps and opens up some more avenues for research.

Regards Martin
Dear Annette and Martin,

I am so excited to find this information.

I just discovered tonight that Joseph Ward was a Coastguard from my great great grandfather, Michael Ward's, marriage certificate. I had no idea what the job of coast guard was about when I thought I'd try my luck with a google search, but I had hoped it might lead me somewhere, and it sure did. This page was the first one I opened.

Annette, thank you for asking the question. I guess we are distant relatives via this family line.

Martin, thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Kind regards,

Veronica Wong
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