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Frederick John Jago - Costello Bay
steve peet
Hi, I am new to this site and trying to research my Irish Ancestry. I believe my Great grandfather moved from England to ireland in the late 1880's and was a coastguard at a number of locations including Costello Bay. During this time he met and married Margaret Cathie. The couple had 4 children born in Ireland, including my Grandfather. The family moved back to England 1900/1901.
i would like to try and find a little about where he served.
I have searched the forums and there appear to be quite a few Jago's both in Ireland and Cornwall but cannot find any mention of frederick John.
Incidenatlly, his father, Thomas Jago was also a coastguard and I believe he was posted to Polruan in Cornwall.
Any help or guidance how I may find any details would be appreciated.
Hi Steve

For the period you are interested in your best bet is to order his service record from the National Archives - if you register and sign-in you can currently download this for free:

There are another set of later CG records in the ADM 175 series, but I have had mixed luck with finding men in the late 80's early 90's.

He certainly earned a good number of medals: 1882 Egypt Medal & Khedives Star, Indian General Service Medal - Burmah 1885-87, Ashanti Medal 1890-95 and for WW1 the British war Medal!

As an aside there was a Thomas Jago, born Cork @1826, who as a Coastguard served on HMS Royal George during the Crimean War. It would be much easier to research him.

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steve peet
Hi Martin,
Wow many thanks for your quick response. My mum talked to me about her grandfather but im not sure she knew he was such a hero! I have mangaged to download his record.
Think I need to study this to understand everything on it. From a quick glance I think he was posted on RN ships from Jan 1875 to 1891. He then was posted to Limerick and then Costello Bay as a coastguard before returning to Chatham and retiring in 1901. Returning to service 1914/15. Quick question, where on the record did you get his medals?
Many thanks for your help.

The medal entitlements do not appear on the service record, but I checked his name on the medal rolls available on Ancestry and cross-checked these against the ships he was serving on at the time to confirm I had the right man.


PS: one of his medals was sold in 1997 by DNW auctioners and had been held in the collection of one of the best known naval collectors in the country. To see what a man he was, I suggest you research the battles of El Teb, Tamaai and Tofrek, hard fought battles against the Dervish, where the men of the Naval Brigade played a key roll.

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