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Robert Morrow - Ballinakill Galway
Hi there,

I'm looking for some further information about a Robert Morrow who was a coastguard in Ireland. He is the father of David Morrow who married a Belinda Grant in Belfast in 1879 (Robert and his profession are listed on this cert).

I have found a possible birth record for David Morrow in Ballinakill Galway in 1853 and his father is Robert Morrow, a coastguard, and his mother is Elizabeth (probably maiden name Lloyd).

Any further info about his life, profession, whether he stayed in his area would be appreciated. I'm thinking that Galway and Belfast are pretty far apart but maybe coastguards moved around?


Hi and welcome to the Forum.

Your man Robert Morrow was first nominated to the Coastguard Service in 1831, from Killibegs with a posting to Blackwall CGS in London. As a general rule most men were local to the area from which they were nominated.

On 25 May 1831 he was transferred to Rainham in Kent (ADM 175/6 pdf 52). On 19 Dec 1832 he was moved to Tankerton (ADM 175/6 pdf 72 also ADM 175/100 pdf 55), then on 31 April 1834 it was a transfer to Ireland, working at Rutland CGS, with a final move on 18 July 1836 to Claggen from where he was discharged on a pension on 28 May 1857 (ADM 175/19 pdf 227) - Ballinakill is not far from Claggen.

The ADM references are to documents held in the National Archives and are available as free downloads off the NA website.

This may be of interest since it provides a date of death: https://discovery...r/C9944978

I have also found a service record for a Richard Morrow, born 19 Oct 1847, Claggen (https://discovery...r/D7912099), which has a letter attached from his mother Elizabeth, written in Killibeg, giving consent for him to sign on; I would guess this is a brother of David.

One final thought, if you have a subscription to Find my Past it is worth checking the Merchant Seamen's records in 'Education and Work'. Despite the title, men in the CG Service and RN applied for 'Tickets', these can contain a wealth of info: date of birth, physical description etc.

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Hi Martin,

Thank you so much for all this great information, I really appreciate you taking the time to look this up. I have downloaded the records from the national archives and have a FMP subscription so will do some digging on there.

So far I have only been able to find one baptism record for a David Morrow with a father called Robert Morrow, who was a coastguard (this info was on David's marriage cert). However, I am aware that there could be other possible matches for David and Robert. I also have a piece of info that doesn't quite match the story - David's wife, Belinda, died in 1899 and her mother-in-law is present at the death, her name is Mary Jane Morrow, so not Elizabeth! But this could be incorrect. My question is: are there many Robert Morrows working as coastguards in mid-19th century Ireland, which could be a match for my ancestor?
Thanks again. Calista

I checked the CG nomination books and he was the only Robert Morrow I could find.

Thank you so much! Hopefully I'm on the right track.
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