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Daniel Crowley, Bunagee, Co. Donegal 1860's-70's

I'm doing research for my family tree and discovered that my great grandfather was born in Co. Donegal in 1871 while his father was a coastguard at Bunagee. He and his wife, Mary Donoghue, had six children while stationed there. I'm wondering if there are any records of him while they lived and worked there. Also wondering if there are any records of where they might have been before or after Bunagee, Co. Donegal. Their children were born between 1867-1877 and baptized at Culaduff parish.

I would be grateful if someone can point me in the direction of more information!

Thanks a million,

Marie Claire
Hi and a Happy New Year

I believe I have traced your man working at Culdaff Bay CGS for the period you are interested in. While it is not Bunagee he is the only man of this name working anywhere in the area, so I am reasonably happy that I have the right man.

For his service history your best bet is to download his service records, because of Covid these can currently be downloaded for free once you have registered with the National Archives:;_hb=tna

You will note from this that a medal is mentioned, this refers to the RN Long Service Good Conduct Medal that was issued named, however, this was not his only medal. You will also see that he served on HMS Leander at a time she was in the Crimea. For this service he received the Crimea Medal with Sebastopol clasp and the Turkish Crimea Medal, both issued unnamed.

Finally on the National Archives website you can access the CG records in ADM 175/ 42 & 43, both pdf 12, again these are free.

Hope the above helps.

Hello Martin-

Happy New Year to you too! Thanks so much for the prompt and detailed response.

I would say you have the right man too. I can't imagine that there were too many Daniel Crowleys serving as coastguard and in the navy up there at that time. Thank you!

I'm not familiar with the national archives website. I did print off the records you linked for both navy and coastguard. I see the word medal on there but didn't see the detail you kindly shared? How did you figure out that he received the two Crimea medals, the Long Service Good Conduct medal? What does it mean that medals were issued named and unnamed? Sorry for all the questions. I have absolutely no knowledge of any of the lingo in this field! I think I will have to go and do some Crimean War research next. Smile

Again, I appreciate your help.

Kind regards,

Marie Claire
Hi Marie Claire

The only medal noted on service records were those awarded for LSGC and these were always issued named. However, only four ships that served in the Crimea had their medals issued officially named, with a further two semi-officially named, although some men did have theirs privately engraved. I made this comment because I did not want to raise your hopes of finding his Crimea medals.

Knowing the ship he was serving on during the Crimean war made it an easy job to check the medal rolls to confirm that he actually received his medal - this notes that it was 'delivered on board'.

You might care to read the short article I posted re the RN LSGC medal, with medals from my own collection. https://coastguar...cle_id=257

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