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Isaac Hall
Hello from Australia. This is my first post.

I am tracing my family across Cornwall and find that Isaac Hall (1813-1890) served as Boatman in the Coastguard. The census records confirm that he was transferred any number of times and had three children born in Ireland between 1838 - 46 which probably means he was serving in Ireland during that period.

I have a record of Isaac Hall (ADM175/Ireland) where he is recorded as being 'removed' from the CGS (Coastguard sloop?) 'Holywell' and 'removed' to Islandmore (?) 12 May 1837 vide R/143.

My questions are addressed to the matter of the 'Holywell' and the Initials CGS. What does CGS stand for? and where can I find a list of Coastguard vessel for this period?

I cannot locate Islandmore which may mean I have not identified the correct spelling, the writing is difficult to read. The only place I can find by this name in Ireland is an island in the middle of Lough Beltra. Can anyone help with this name?

Thank you for an informative forum

I can provide a little of the information you seek: CGS stands for Coast Guard Station. The majority of the ADM 175 series cover service at land based Coastguard Station.

I don't know if you have the following, but during the Crimean War he was one of the Coastguards who saw service in the Royal Navy, serving on both HMS Monarch and HMS Exmouth, for which he received the Baltic Medal. Additionally there is a service record for him in the National Archives - ADM 29/71/77, which shows he first joined the RN aged 21, serving on HMS Thunderer.

Hi Martin

Thank you for your reply.

No, I don't have information on Isaac's Crimean War experience. Can you direct me to the relative archive please?

I will follow up on ADM 29/71/77.

Thank You.


The ADM 29 record is the best way of confirming his service in the RN:

Hello John
I have just noticed your question on this forum regarding Isaac Hall.
He is a distant relative of mine and indeed had 3 children while in Ireland and he was born in Veryan, Cornwall in 1813. My thread is following his daughter Caroline born in 1840. He was stationed as a coast guard on the island of Innishue (different spellings sometimes)
Hope this adds to your ancestry search.

If you want any more information then you may leave me your email address and I will reply.

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