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Alfred Searle dob 1861
I have found that my Great Grandad was formally in the Royal Navy and then went to Ireland as a Coast Guard.
I have very little information but he was working in Trabane Co Donegol in 1889 because he had a daughter Elizabeth born there,then 1890 a son on Dingle County Kerry and another son 1893 in Trebane. In 1896 he had another duaghter Seafield West Clare.
My Grandfather William Searle was born in Plymouth 1891 and the family are on the 1891 census.
If anyone has any records/photos of this family I would so like to know about it.
I do not have his Navy Record so far as I do not have a service number but I am looking all the time.
Hope to here from someone!!!!!!!
Hi, and welcome to the Forum.

Your mans service record is likely to be the best starting point, and to obtain this you really only need to know where your Gt Grandfather was born, and an approximate year - there is no need to have a service number.

Look at the list of the following and decide which is best your man, and for £3.50 you can download his service record:


I also see from the Census records on the site that there is an Alfred John Searle, Chief Boatman, on the 1901 Irish Census in County Clare. This can be accessed once you are logged-on by entering 'census books' in the search facility (above), and limiting the search area to 'downloads'. All you have to do then is to download the books for Clare - Searle is at Seafield CG Station.



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