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HELP!!! searching for more info on a Corcoran coast guard relatio
Conor OFlynn
Thanks for the add to this fourm!

My Great Great Great Grandfather was Richard Corcoran. He was born around 1805/06 in Cork and married Elizabeth Mahony. In the 1841 census he was living at St Margaret At Cliff near Dover. He was a coast guard there and Elizabeth gave birth to my Great Great Grandfather Michael James Cprcoran there in 1839. In 1851 tjey had moved to Tope Station, Birchington Road?, Bircgngton, Kent.. Alot of his children moved back to Cork or away. I could never find his death cert and cant find much info on him or the staions he worked at. Would appreciate your help!
Thank You!!
Hi and welcome to the Forum.

I've traced Richard's CG service while at land based CG Stations.

On 30 Sept 1834 he left the Revenue Cruiser Hound to take up a post at Tower 31 in Kent (ADM 175/6 pdf 184). On 26 Sept 1835 he transferred to Tower 38 (175/6 pdf 188) from where he was promoted to a Commissioned Boatman on 17 Dec 1836 (175/6 pdf 119) and transferred to St Margaret's Bay; then on 23 March 1850 St Nicholas CGS (175/7 pdf 117).

His next move saw him transfer to Ireland and Ballygeary CGS on 3 April 1852 (175/7 pdf 85) from where he was pensioned on 30 June 1860 (175/19 pdf 53).

You can find out about some of his early career by downloading off the National Archives website his service record: http://discovery....r/C9027014 or if you have a subscription to Ancestry on their site.

Find my Past has a number of Merchant Seamans Tickets that could be for your man, these can contain some useful information, but I no longer have a subscription to this site.

One final piece of information, he was one of the CG's recalled for service in the Navy during the Crimean War, serving on HMS Stromboli in both the Baltic and the Black Sea, for which he was awarded the Baltic Medal and Crimea Medal with Sebastopol clasp together with the Turkish Crimea Medal. These were all issued unnamed, so unless he had them privately engraved it is unlikely that you would ever be able to find them.

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Conor OFlynn
Cheers Martin!! Really appreciate that!! Was quite stuck. Thats fantastic info! Would explain why sll his children returned home to Cork. Need to re subscribe to ancestry intend to this summer. Amazing info and a fantsstic website! What would comissioned boatman be?

The following are CG rates with their equivalent RN rates: Boatman was equivalent to an able seamen with continuous service; Commissioned Boatman - Leading seaman with CS & Chief Boatman a 1st Class Petty Officer.
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