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HMS Shannon in the Coastguard

HMS Shannon was 'relegated to Coastguard Duty' in 1883. My Greatgrandfather finished his service as Senior Mate on her in 1891.

He lived in Galway, but does anybody know where the Shannon was based during this time. He served on her between 1885 and 1891.

From the information I have in 1885 she was at Greenock, and in June 1886 it was recorded that she was part of the Channel Squadron that went from Portland to Bantry. In 1889 she was still in Bantry.

The only way to truly trace HMS Shannons movements is to consult the Ships Log at the National Archives.

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Hi Crimea,
Thanks for this. by the was this Channel Squadron movement part of the preparatiions for "The Battle of Bantry"?
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