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Searching ADM 175
Clearly I am not the sharpest tool in the box ( hoping Martin is out there somewhere to help me !
I am trying to track my ggggrandfather’s coastguard Service hoping to make sense of the numerous children born around the Kent Sussex and Hampshire coast but I am making hard work of it! Martin gave me a steer and I have found my way into ADM 175/7and have stumbled across ( not sure how ) William Carter’s discharge dead from Kingston ( Port Arundel , District Littlehampton 17/7/1855 ) which makes sense as his ninth child was registered in Goring West Sussex the previous year. This taught me not to be led by the name of the CGS without knowing the port and district! What I am asking is how you track back from there in the most effective way ( ie before you lose your temper! ) I know he was posted from Thorney ( also Port Arundel District Littlehampton 16/3/1849 ) but how do I get back to the previous entry and the one before that. Am I missing a trick or do you just have to trawl through everything that’s there?
I am finding that as age increases ( nearly 70 ) patience diminishes! Any help appreciated.
Firstly an apology, in my original post I transposed a couple of the numbers in the pdg for Flag Head, I've now corrected this.

To trace a man the date column is your starting point, because this sets the timeframe and the Establishment Book you have to refer too. The column next to it is the station your man came from prior to his posting, in your case to Flag Head i.e. Cliff Creek. Using this information you need to check the index and look-up men at Cliff Creek, which should provide his previous station, and so on until you get back to his original nomination.

There are a couple of possible wobbles, in some instances it will state 'same station', this normally occurs when a man has been promoted yet remains at the same station. In this case look at the list of men in the next rate down i.e. Boatman rather than Commissioned Boatmen, where you should find him. The other wobble is where no station has been entered. This normal means he was at that station when the former book was closed and you have to go back an Establishment Book i.e. in ADM 175/6 rather than 175/7 then look at the same station there.

I hope this helps, but if not come back to the Forum, we are here to help!

Martin, you are a gentleman and very helpful. I am getting there, I think, my problem is that I am too easily frustrated. And too quick to jump to conclusions! Working back from his death in 1855, I have him transferred to Kingston in March 1849, from Thorney , to Thorney in Aug 1846 from FlagHead, to FlagHead in July 1843 from Cliff Creek. At that point I have lost the trail. Might he have joined the CGS at Cliff Creek, would it say as much? In 1843 he would have only been 36, his third fourth and fifth children were born in Parkston/Poole, which makes sense, but his first child born 1839 was born in Stroud or Stroud in Kent and the second in 1841 in High Halstow .( if I am right this would N Kent/ Thames Estury. Bottom line, I need to establish when he joined the Coastguard!
I feel I am almost there, can you give me one last push. Thank you
so much for your help, regards Edward.

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That should read Stroud or Strood in Kent!

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Afterthought, is there a comprehensive list of all these Coastguard Stations and their exact location. They aren’t always where you think they are, not even in the same county sometimes!
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I hope you don't mind, but I traced his career back to first joining the CGS:

13/2/1833 first posting to Lancing from Gosport as an Extra-man, since there is no CGS at Gosport I would guess this was his home town. ADM 175/6 pdf 256.

3/9/1833 promoted to Commissioned Boatman and removed to Dartmouth ADM 175/6 pdf 431.

31/1/1837 removed to Lyme Cobb ADM 175/6 pdf 391

10/2/1837 removed to Burton ADM 175/6 pdf 385

23/5/1837 removed to Cliff Creek ADM 175/6 pdf 19


PS. I hate to add to your CG problems, but I note that William married an Elizabeth Lovering in 1833 whilst at Lancing. At the same time a William Lovering was a Commissioned Boatman at this station, so I suspect this was his daughter. It was not uncommon for single CGs to marry the daughters of CGs at the same station, since fraternising with the locals was frowned upon.
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Martin you are both a gentleman and a scholar and I am most grateful. Lancing is a great fit as I have him getting married aged 26 inLancing in 1833.( I am assuming Sussex but on experience I should be cautious) He was born in Lee, Hants his wife came from Barnstaple Devon. I must admit I am struggling with the Geography.Marries 1833 Lancing having moved from Gosport.Same year promoted Dartmouth1837 to Lyme Cobbthen Burtonthen Cliff Creek.Somehow he has children in StroodKent1839 HighHalstowKent1841 before3 more in 42,44,and46allinParkstone/Poole before being posted to Thorney in 1843where he had 2 children in Selsey1848and1850 ending up in Kingston( Littlehampton?) with 2 further children recorded in Goring(West Sussex)1852and1854before his death in 1855 when he was discharged dead from Kingston. I ask no more of you indeed if I have pushed my luck then do not bother to reply, but if you are able to pin down theCGS’s he servedat( the county would suffice and I appreciate they may no longer exist) thatmight just help make sense of it all.( or refer me to a reliable source) I am forever in your debt

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Replied before reading your postscript. Yes that fits thank you. Once you start this it’s just so hard to put it down. Your help has been invaluable.

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I do wonder how it was that 6 years elapsed from marriage in 1833 before the first of 9 children arrived in 1839! Perhaps the Coastguard Service was very busy and he was too tired for anything else!

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Martin, can I pass my own research by you and see if you agree.
Lancing Sussex, to Dartmouth S Devon,Lyme Cobb (presume Lyme Regis) Burton ( Burton Bradstock nearby) , Cliffe Creek ( on the Hoo Peninsula N Kent, which ties up with children registered in Strood and High Halstow) Flag Head ( Poole Dorset) Thorney (Selesy W Sussex ) Kingston ( Littlehampton W Sussex)
Just one question, he appears to have joined at Lancing and just 7 months later he is promoted to Commisioned Boatman and transferred to Dartmouth. Would this have meant he showed potential and was sent to Training College or is that stretching it . Hope you are still out there but if not, thank you for all your help. Regards Edward
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Hi Edward

I agree with your findings. On the question of his fast promotion the fact that he is listed as an Extra-man suggests to me that he had worked in this capacity at another station before finally being taken on as an established and rated Boatman. Unfortunately it is only those on the establishment that are listed in the ADM 175 series of Establishment Books. There was no formal training college and any potential would have to be identified by a superior.

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