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inniscrone coast guard station
hello i'm a new member and i need some help
i have a family connection to this station thomas carter who appears in the 1901 census as chf btn
please let me know what this is
also please explain the following ranks
comm boatman
c p o
i am also trying to trace james carter rn 158594 who joined the coast guard on july 1 st 1919when his naval service was ended
he was married to a great aunt of mine
and i think he must have been a relation of thomas as they both lived in inniscrone county sligo as did my g/aunt
any help would be appreciated
thank you
Hi Tommy and welcome.

For the ranks serving at a CG Station, starting with the most senior, you have the following:

Chf Off - Chief Officer, this is the man in charge of the Station.
Chf Btn - Chief Boatman in Charge, second in command and equivalent to a CPO in the navy (see below).
Comm Btn - Commissioned Boatman, equivalent to a Petty Officer in the Navy.
Btn - entry rank, ordinary/able seaman.

The rank/rate of CPO is Chief Petty Officer and is a naval rate.

For details of a mans career in the time period you are interested in the only real source are the Naval Service Records that can be downloaded from the National Archives website, but you sound as though you already have these. However, you could also try downloading ADM 175/82A, which is the mens Service Cards, Surnames A-C for 1900-1923.


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