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Private Messaging
The Private Messaging facility is for registered members use and we actively encourage the exchange of thoughts and ideas between members.

The content of these messages are beyond the site administrators control, should any member receive an inappropriate message with content they perceive to be upsetting, offensive or otherwise outside the scope of the site subject matter, ie; spam, please let us know immediately.

These new site features are there for the members benefit free of charge and while there have been no rule breakers to date, we would like to keep it that way.

For more info on Private Messaging go to FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) | Contact Questions. [see link on left]

Edited by Philip on 29/09/2008 10:23
I run the site and provide technical back up. I know nothing about Coastguards.
Hi Philip'
There does not appear to be any means of sending attachments in PM. Is this correct?

That's right, you can only attach files to forum posts.
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