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Convict Vessels
I'm looking for details on the Bristol (1804) built ship 'Edward' - sailed from Cork with Irish female convicts in 1829 with my great great grandmother Mary Riley on board. The 'Edward' is Listed in Green Book and Red Book of Lloyds. I'm trying to ascertain what type of ship it was please? I suspect a Schooner? Thank you.
Hi seacat, hope this is of interest = EDWARD, Ship, built at Bristol 1804. Registered - Bristol No. 63 in 1807 and No. 57 on 12th Dec.1814 and again at London, No. 278 on the 11th Nov. 1820. She was built for the Protheroes of Bristol who traded her to Jamaica till about 1807 when she seems to have changed hands and began trading to Nevis. Her masters during this period were - T. Powell (1805 - 9) , and Smith (1809 - 14). In 1814 her owners became - William John Smith, John Chalmers Rose and Thomas Daniel, merchants, and James Drewe jr; mariner, all of Bristol; with John Daniel, Henry Brooke and Charles Brooke, merchants, of London and Richard Rees, merchant, Isle of St. Vincent. Masters during this period - William Drew. 26 Oct. 1819 (London), & James Douglas. She was 385 tons, 103'.6'' long x 29'.7'' wide x 6'.00'' high. 18' draught fully loaded. Sheathed with copper when built and classed A1 in'05 by Lloyds of London. All the best ,Charley.
O hey - great - many thanks for that Charley. Excellent information. I've only been able to find reference to Edward on the one listing with Lloyds. Not easy to find such items out here in Aus! In 1829 she seems to have been allocated for transfer of female Irish convicts and left Cork early in that year, arriving in NSW in April. Some references give her as another voyage in 1831. I'm also waiting on a copy of a journal from the Aust National Library - that was supposedly kept during the 1829 voyage, by Master Gilbert. Best wishes - Sandra.
Hi Sandra,
My 3 x great grandmother, Mary Toole from Wicklow, was also a convict on the 1829 Edward.

Lloyd's Green Book (Underwriters) has her as 335 tons and Draught under load: 19 feet.

Lloyd's Red Book (Shipowners) has her as 385 tons and Draught under load: 18 feet

Bateson has her as 406 tons and built in 1806 (maybe read a 4 as 6)

From 'The bibliography of Convict Transports' - J.H. Donohoe
Edward (1)
Arrived: 26 April 1829
Port: Port Jackson - Sydney
No. of Convicts: 174
Record: 4/4014 (NSW State Archives)
Access Form: 398 671

From 'The Convict Ships' - Bateson
Edward (1)
Date of Arrival: 26 April 1829
R.: Bk
Ton: 406
Built at: Bristol
Year: 1806
Class: E1
Master: Jas. Gilbert
Surgeon: Wm. C. Watt
Sailed: 1 January 1829
From: Cork
Route: St. Jago
Days: 115
Embarked: 177 females
Relanded: -
Deaths: 3 females
Sydney: 174
Hobart: -
Hi Ozgenie - I'm guessing you are actually in Aus? This is so interesting (and exciting) to find another Mary from the Edward and many thanks also for the additional info. Do you know where Mary Toole was 'allocated' once they reached NSW? I had some of the Lloyds info and some on arrival date as well. Mary Riley was from Newry - County Down. Seven years sentence. 5 of my six g-g-grandparents were convicts. I'm very interested in finding other descendents from the Edward's women. There is another person from further southern NSW. I would like to connect relatives from the Edward's women. Are you familiar with the work of Christina Henri? I'm going across to the town of Windsor (NSW) on August 2. We are making 'bonnets' in memory of our relatives and putting them in symbolic boat. In 2010 Christina is 'taking the girls home' and there will be exhibitions in both UK and Ireland I understand of all the bonnets made in memory of the convict women.

There have been some 'adoptions' of convict women's vessels - those of us who had women relatives aboard the Edward wouldn't need to 'adopt' a ship! Would be excellent if we could get more bonnets from the Edward women for Christina's exhibition. Best wishes - Sandra
Somebody has claimed your Mary Riley on Lesley Eubal's Claim a Convict site

I made a bonnet for Mary Toole but unfortunately it went missing and I am unable to do another one.

Mary was assigned to John Gayner of King Street, Sydney then transferred to John ....? - can't read it. She married August 1829 but absconded from her husband a couple of times before she finished her sentence.. Last mention I have of her is when she received her ticket of Freedom 22 April 1835.

Do you have all the information from the Lloyd's books regarding the Edward?
Ah ha - someone has claimed 'my' Mary. I had better check that one out. We're fortunate in that most of us are descended from Windsor (NSW) residents - so very easy to pick up who it is. We've had a comprehensive history written for us on James and Mary Daniel, and my own line is well documented and updated. I'm not so much writing the family history as a semi-biographical work on the women in my family. I'm sorry to hear of the loss of Mary Toole's bonnet - those are quite time-consuming to make.

I don't have a lot of information on the Edward, but Charlie has added a good amount here as well. I'm waiting on the journal copies from the Aus National Library in Canberra - I'm keen to see the Master's comments, including those on the convicts.

Many thanks for your help.

If there are any others out there in cyberland interested in convict ships to NSW - I also have relatives from:
Almorah, Earl St Vincent, Marquis of Wellington, Admiral Barrington (2nd Fleet) and Medway (depart Madras)
Hi Sandra,

I didn't know about the Master's journal at the National Library - could you send me anything of interest when you receive it?

I have a picture of an Edward but it appears to be two-masted so maybe it's not our Edward

Hi Maureen

I was chasing hares too for a while with the Edward. I found several - some could have been fitted chronologically, but didn't finally convince because they were too small to have gone all that way. Most of the SHIP pictures I have appear to be 3 masted, with bow sails off as well. I'm given to understand the vessel's specifications are the class determining factors. (Dread to think what the experienced Coastguards on here must think of my vessel terminology!) I chased a history on an Edward that was a schooner for a while - schooners seem to have 2 masts and it was too early - and it also had a name change after capture in the US. Not our Edward. According to info on this site there was also an Edward (Cork) that was a sloop. I would think a sloop too small to go all that way with that many passengers on board. There is reference to an Edward - schooner - in NSW - that went to the attempted rescue of the HIVE off Shoalhaven in, I think, in late 1830s but I don't think that was our Edward either. Our Edward seems to have made 2 convict journeys - 1829 and 1831. I do love all those tall masted vessels though! My son sailed on One and All in the Aust Bicentenary. Such beautiful things.

Yes, will certainly let you know when I've received the Nat Library material. I'm currently waiting for my Nat Library card to arrive - can then order from Nat Lib directly. Anything worthwhile (and as far as I can tell it will be) will talk to you to best see how to communicate on it.

Checked out Lesley's site. Yes, that's got to be a relation, that person also claimed James Daniel - on the Medway from Madras (India) Mary married James - those are my g-g-grandparents. Have sent an email to the address listed there. Might pick up some more info there, although most people are interested more in their family than the transport - but I'm a writer - so the background colour on the journey is crucial to me AND of course, I'm a seacat so the ship fascinates me. Cheers - Sandra
No need to worry Maureen. I made a bonnet for Mary Toole from Wicklow and it has been displayed in Australia and the United Kingdom.
Anyone have updates on Mary Toole?? I found I may be related to her through the ancestry site.
Any help appreciated.

Tyler Oaks
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