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Boatman Col(e)man FLAHERTY
Good morning all,

This is my first post on your site, I have been advised to seek your advice by a member of the Brit-Gen Forum where I seem to spend a lot of my spare time.

The above is my G/Grandfather b. 22/02/1856 Claddagh, Galway

In 1878 he joined the RN (I have his service record) and it looks like in 1891 he transfered to the Coastguard serving at Amlwch Anglesey and Rhosneigr North Wales He retired to pension 1898.

He died on Anglesey in 1910

I have been researching the ships he served on and it appears that most were involved in Coastguard duties
His ships were Valiant, Royal Aderlaide, Pegasus, Shannon, Mutine, Victor Emmanuel, Vivid and Neptune

My biggest problem with this chap is tracing his marriage, I know that he would have married pre 1886 (when his first child was born, he was Roman Catholic) and that on the 1901 Census his wifes name was Delia b. Galway.

I am informed that you may have some Coastguard marraige records If you can help me in anyway I would be very grateful.


I do have about 550 Church of Ireland Coastguard Marriage records, although there were a good number of Roman Catholics in the service. The Church of Ireland records always recorded the occupation of the Groom and this made collecting records easy. In most cases the Roman Catholic registers did not note the occupation of the groom.
If you think that they were married in Ireland and could provide the surname of the bride, it might be possible to check pre 1886 Civil records of marriages in major Dublin City libraries.
Tony Daly
Hi Tony,

Unfortunately its her surname that I'm after, all the info I have is from Census records RN service record and a bit of family history. I haven't even got a death date for her so I'm beginning to think that Delia may not even have been her 'birth name'

Their first child Norah was born Galway so I am presuming that's where their marraige would be recorded, that's if it ever was of course. I appreciate that Irish records are a bit hit and miss for this time period.

I was hoping that there may be some coastguard records somewhere which might list next of kin?
What would have happened to his pension when he died? did it die with him or would his wife receive part of it?

Also, would his pension record be held at Kew? Is it worth me having a 'ferret' about next time I go?


Greetings from sunny (?!!) Galway!

1. If she was known as Delie, she could have been registered as Delia, Bedelia and variations in spelling) or even Bridget.

2. Have done a search of Church (all enominatlions) & Civil marriages in West County Galway for Flaherty, O'Flaherty and Faherty, Col(e)man and all are either too early or too late. If you register on Galway Family History Society Website you can search for free but you have to pay for transcripts. It's possible they married elsewhere - maybe you will track it down from his service record.

3. Irish National Archives now have 1911 Censs for Galway availanle to search - free. There are still a number of Flaherty families in the right area - Claddagh, Fair Hill and the other side of the river using the name Coleman- you might be able to link with these? 1901 Cenus is due to also come online later this year.

4. Surprisingly for this area, I have not yet found a Flaherty connection! But also have Connolly, Gaskin. Cavanagh, Mullally, Daly, Picker, Joyce, O'Donnell, Concannon and many more in the area all with Coastguard and Navy connections. Connolly and Gaskin also served on the Valiant. I am happy to watch out for your connections while I research mine - and would be extremely grateful if you could do same?

5. There is a an encumbered estates map and tenants list for the Whaley Estate covering some of the Claddagh - I think it is around 1850 - I have a copy but it is in storage. I can try to dig it out later in the week or maybe the weekend to see if there is anything of interest to you on it.

6. There is also a hand drawn "map" - more a sketch of houses really - with names of families living in them when the Claddagh was finally demolished - I have been trying to link families via the houses - with the addition of rates records from the council. Am no where near finished and all are still at handwritten stage but will have a look in these to see if there is anything of interest to you. If so, I would be happy to let you have copies.

You can email me direct if you wish at
I would appreciate any coastguard or other information you may have in relation to surname Picker.
I would appreciate any coastguard or other information you may have in relation to the surname Joyce. Thomas Joyce of Lettermore, Oughterard, Galway, Ireland was a "boatman" on the birth record of his son in 1893.

Thanks, Kelly
Have sent you the marriage and hhis possible bith and possible parents and siblings by PM
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