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John Mahoney
I'm looking for my ancestor, who is John Mahoney. He was born in Queenstown (Cobh) presumably around 1858.

On his naval record it states he was born in Aghada, Cork on the 20 July 1858, which is a stones throw away from cobh.

On his marriage cert (To: Elizabeth Callaghan) in 1885 his father is Daniel Mahoney, put down as a "Gardener" it looks like.

John Mahoney was a Coast Guard in multiple places including: St.Ives, Weymouth, Northumberland, Cornwall; Clogherhead; Ballinacarrig; North Ireland; Picklecombe Fort(training as Gunner in 1891 census); Queenstown(Sailor);

listed as a sailor in the Royal Navy on multiple documents.

His naval record spans from 1875 to 1888.
His Coastguard record spans 1888 to 1907

He was first made a boatman in the CG in 1888 and then promoted to commissioned boatman in 1898.
He earned a medal in 1893, I assume the Long service medal for 15 year service.

I also have multiple records for the Merchant Navy and The Royal Artillery which I believe is the same John Mahoney.

My problem is I cannot find his birth cert or any record of who his mother is or any siblings.

John married Elizabeth Callaghan in Cork, in 1885. They had two children in Cork (christina 1886, Daniel 1887) they then moved to Penzance, Cornwall where John was a coast guard there and also in the Royal Artillery, they had (John 1889, William 1889, Jeremiah 1893, Frederick 1895 (my Great Grandfather) ) they then moved back to Ireland (Rathdrum, Wicklow) in 1896 where they had Charles Michael in 1896.

They lived in Clogher, Louth and Clontarf, Dublin (1901 & 1911 census)

He died in 1944 aged 86. Buried in St.John Baptist, clontarf with his wife Elizabeth who died in 1930.
All this information can be found on either irish genealogy website, National Archives UK or irish census 1901/1901, uk census 1891.

His national archives record is ADM 188/96/89805

Any info will be helpful, Thank you.
Daniel O'Raw
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