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John Caldwell
Russ Caldwell

Russ Caldwell from New Zealand here. I am reasearching my great,great,great grandfather John Caldwell. Date of birth 13 December 1832, Enfield Middlesex.

C.S. Engagement 20 May 1865. Ship served on in Coast Guard, Seaman Riggs Vanguard 06 31 8.

Pensioned 30.9.75.

Any tips re where to look for/find further information would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards

Russ Caldwell
Hi Russ

I think you have found only the latter part of his service and you should purchase the following record from the National Archives: http://discovery....r/D7547543. I believe you will find that he served on HMS Caesar during the Crimean War and was awarded the Baltic Medal.

If you can find from this record when he first entered the CG Service you could check the appropriate record in ADM 175, these can be downloaded for free from the NA website.

Russ Caldwell
Thank you Martin. That is amazing I will certainly obtain the record. I am new to reasearching the English records so still learning. I have been working backwards through the NZ records of various family members through to Australia where John’s eldest son also John first emmigrated to before finally settling in New Zealand. I guessed there may have been earlier service to have qualified for a pension in 1875. In various census records he was described as either a navy pensioner or coastguard pensioner. From what I can tell he entered the CG service in 1865. Thank you once again for the advice. I am only starting to learn about my forbears service and it is facisnating to learn the details. Cheers Russ.

I'm not sure how much additional information you will get over and above the service records, but try the following:

ADM 175/40 pdf 159; 175/41 pdf 74 & 175/43 pdfs 123,126,130.

Regards Martin
Russ Caldwell
Hi Martin the service records were very useful sources of information.

My GGG grandfather John Caldwell was in merchant service 1849-1853 before jNaval service.

He served on the Witch of the Waves. His Naval service was 1854-65 his ships were Caesar, Excellent, Pembroke and Brillant.

I also found the medal records when he was awarded the Baltic Medal.

Thanks once again for the advice.

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