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John Endacott - 1844 - 1899
Leo Boyd

I'm trying to track down some information on my 2nd Great Grandfather John Endacott.
Born in 1844 in Stoke Dameral, Devon, when he married in 1871 (still in Devon) his occupation was listed as Coastguard.

He married on 6th December 1871 in Stoke Dameral, but his first child was then born just 6 days later on 12th December 1871 in Dunfanaghy Co. Donegal. (must have been an interesting journey!)

I have several references to earlier naval postings for him, but wondered if there is anything available on his service after he moved to Co Donegal.

(he died in 1899 in Belfast)

Any suggestions on where or how to look for more info would be greatly appreciated.


Leo Boyd
Leo welcome to the Forum.

I've looked at his service records and from these it is possible to establish his postings while in Ireland. On the records there are ships names when he was a CG, but these are only for administrative purposes. More importantly there is another name next to this which is the CG Station e.g. Valiant - Sheephaven (the italics is the CGS).

Leo Boyd
Thanks Martin.

I had seen the name Valiant mentioned on several records I had found, but was not aware that that was the CG station in Sheephaven.

I assume I would be able get a copy of his service records from the National Archive, is this correct?

Or is there somewhere else I should be looking at online to get this information.


Valiant is not the CG Station, but Sheephaven is. At this time the UK was divided up into a number of districts, Ireland had two, and each was allocated a warship that became the administrative hub for that district. However, each of these ships had a small standing crew and during the summer months went on training cruises with the remainder of the crew being made up from the CG Stations in that district. It was the navy's intention that in the event of a national crisis all these ships would form an Inshore Squadron, manned by CGs, for the protection of coastal waters. The reason these ships changed quite frequently is because they were the older vessels coming to the end of their useful lives.

I hope this is perhaps a little clearer now.

Re his service records, yes they can be purchased online from the National Archives, but are also available if you have a subscription to Ancestry.

Leo Boyd
Thank you Martin.

That helps a lot.

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