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George Hall born 1820 Farlington Hampshire
Hello,a goldmine of information on this great site.

I am researching a George Hall born 1820 in Farlington,Hampshire.
I know he served as a coastguard at Portland Bill 1845-52 and then at Hastings from 1852 until his discharge in 1860.He died just a few months after discharge.

He had children at Portland and Hastings but also at East Cowes IOW so i strongly suspect he was also stationed there but i can find no record of this.

I have found records that show he was nominated for Portland and Hastings from HMS Rose and "the Fleet".

I also believe he served during the Crimean War on HMS Caesar.The Baltic medal roll shows a George Hall whose medal was sent to CGS Hastings in 1857.

I wonder if anyone can give me any further information on his Naval service and perhaps confirm his time on the Isle of Wight.

Many thanks again for a great resource!
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I would make one small correction to your write-up and that is he was nominated to the CG service from the Revenue Cruiser 'Rose' not HMS Rose, this could perhaps explain the children on the Isle of Wight.

Unlike the land based CG Stations, for the majority of 'Mariners' who served on the Revenue Cruisers one has to refer to the Muster Books in ADM 119 series of records at the National Archives to trace a man's service. The other difficulty is that although the Navy List generally includes RCs', with their commanding officers, they are normally silent on where the vessels were based. It is therefore possible that Rose operated out of the Isle of Wight, but this will require more research.

I am almost certain that George served on HMS Caesar and details of his service can be found on ADM 29/66/472. Also if you have access to Find my Past it is worth looking to see if a Merchant Seaman's Ticket was issued to him, since this could provide a physical description.

Hope this is of some help.


PS: just found the following, which confirms my thoughts: http://www.pbenyo...03992.html
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Thank you Martin,that is a great help to me.I had assumed that Rose was HMS Rose but the correction and the link opens up another line of research for me.
Thanks also for the suggestion re the Merchant Seaman's ticket,I will look into that.
Thanks again Dave

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Just to update this and thank you again Martin.

I located a Merchant Seaman's ticket for my man which as suggested gives a physical description of him.It also shows he went to sea as a boy of 15 in 1835.

Most importantly for me it confirms him serving as a Mariner on a Revenue Cruiser,namely "Rose" working out of Ryde suspected from your previous link.
Interestingly it also shows him residing in Cowes "when unemployed" which accounts for the two children born in East Cowes at the time.

Wonderful document which i doubt i would have ever found without being pointed in the right direction !
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