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John Joseph Hanley
Judy Curtiss
I am trying to find information about my great, great grandfather, John Joseph Hanley. I found a marriage record for him in Canada which says he was born in 1834 and was from Cork (city or county?) His father is listed as Joseph Honly and his mother as Elizabeth Haines. This record was 1862 and from there I have no reason to think he came back to Ireland as the 1870 US Census shows him, wife and 3 children in Tonawanda, NY. Before this, I know nothing other than family lore which says he was orphaned or ran away from home as a boy and got a job as a cabin boy. Supposedly he became a sea captain (by age 28?... the marriage record). Of course this must be taken with a grain of salt, but I suppose he may have been a mariner of sorts, but with nothing at all to go on other than the dates from 1834 (birth) to 1862 (marriage), I'm just putting out feelers. I searched this entire site and found nothing using variations of his name, but maybe someone here can give me some clues as to where else to look.

I appreciate any help anyone can provide. You may email me directly at I will also check back here for any information. Thank you for this chance to search a new place.
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