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Carpenters - Powells
Looking for a Thomas Powell who supposedly served aboard HM Revenue cutter Fly(?) sometime between about 1855-1895. He was in Kilrush at some point as several children were born while he was there. He was a carpenter supposedly on the cutter or for the coast guard. He was born in Kinsale. I have his wedding in 1862 and the child born in 1867.
But I can not find him in any list or file to do with the navy, admiralty or coast guard online..

Can someone who knows these waters better help?
Firstly welcome to the Forum.

There are a number of records available for Thomas, which are available as free downloads from the National Archive's (NA) website. The first is ADM 175/24 pdf 48, this shows his entry to the Revenue Cruiser 'Desmond' I have then jumped ahead to 1869 when he leaves the service and ADM 175/61 pdf 76. There are likely to be other records in-between, but I'll leave those for you to find!

Not available as a free download is ADM 29/78/13, this is his service/pension record. If you have access to Ancestry it can be found there, alternately you can get a quote from the NA for them to copy it for you.

I no-longer have access to Find my Past, but a search of their Merchant Seamen's records return some possibles for your man.

Oh - you're a genius - I can usually find stuff but I was hitting a blank here - I'll go back and take another look and see what I can find. Thank you. (Plan to have access to ancestry later when I know everything I want to look up in one shot)

Thank you (and for the welcome too)
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