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Chas H Keen Boatman Coastguard RN
Martin N
I have recently stumbled upon the fact that a medal for Chas H Keen was sold at auction in 2004. This man was my ancestor and I would very much like to either buy the medal, failing that acquire a photo and register an interest should it ever be sold again. Does anyone on the list know who might have bought it or hold a collection of Coastguard medals. It was sold with another for a Samuel Luscombe.

Charles Horatio Keen was in the Royal Navy and then transferred across to the Coastguard. He was stationed at Gedney Drove End in 1881.

Any help or ideas would be very much appreciated
Hi Martin and welcome.

I wondered if you have visited the British Medal Forum's website, they have a 'wanted' thread and it would be worth a post there.

You don't actually say what the medal was awarded for, I'm assuming it's the RN LSGC medal, for which there certainly are a number of collectors on the BMF - myself being one. Re the Luscombe medal I have a recollection of having seen this up for sale, but not the Keen medal unfortunately.


I collect lifesaving awards, especially for Ireland and have several to coastguards. I however do not have the Keen medals. I do run a website ( on which people seeking such missing medals can list them for free. Do contact me if you want to do so.

Good luck

Roger Willoughby
Roger Willoughby
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