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A Cautionary Tale
Ever not found your ancestor and wondered how he managed to elude the Census, the following could suggest why.

Samuel Humphrey, Career Summary
Samuel Humphrey, Career Summary. (details taken from Service Register downloaded from National Archives)

Navy Manoeuvres 1888
The steamer Vulture, with coal for Admiral Bairds fleet was about to leave Crookhaven harbour this evening when she was cleverly captured by the local Coastguards through a ruse....

Navy Statue Dalkey
Q. Is this statue erected on Beacon Hill near the Dalkey Coastguard station a monument by a local resident to a long Naval career across the Seven Seas of the World?

Red Faced Rescuers
On May 22nd, 1819, The "Savannah" put to sea, with steam and sails on the historic trip which would take her from America across the Atlantic Ocean to England...

Lusitania Inquest
On 1st May, 1915, the British Cunard Liner 'Lusitania' departed New York for liverpool. On 7th May the unescorted ship was about 15 miles off the Irish coast opposite Kinsale Harbour. The Commander of U-boat U20, Kapitan Leutnant Walter Schwieger, on wartime patrol sighted the 'Lusitania' and fired a single torpedo into her side.

Coastguards making Asses of themselves
This brings me to the story of the three Coastguards who borrowed a donkey and cart to bring some potatoes from a neighbouring village.

The Role of the Coastguard
The Coastguard was originally created in the 18th Century as the Preventive Water Guard, charged with the apprehension of smugglers. Smuggling had become rife due to the heavy taxes imposed on imported goods in order to fund the war against the French.

The Mystery of the Mary Celeste
The Mary Celeste was launched in 1861 from the Yard of Joshua Dewis, Spencer Island, Nova Scotia as the AMAZON. She was 282grt and measured 103x16.9x16.2ft. In 1868 she came under the US flag as a Brig and renamed MARY CELESTE.

Napoleon and the English Smugglers
In exile on Elba he wrote: "They did great mischief to your Government. During the war all the information I received from England came from the Smugglers....

Coastguard Boat Sunk
A 27ft. steel pinnace attached to the coastguard station at Ros na Mihil near Westport was sunk in 1917 or 1918. A local man swam out to the craft and released the anchor.

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Kingstown Coastguard Ships
A list of Kingstown Coastguard Ships

Manby Mortar or Rocket Apparatus
In 1821 there was a disastrous flood in Ryde, following ‘The Great Storm’. A smart young naval officer, Lieutenant Thomas Robert Brigstocke, was sent from Portsmouth in command of a naval party to assist in clearing up the damage. He came into contact with Lydia Player the daughter of the Lord of the Manor of Ryde whom he married in July 1822. By 1827 he had been promoted to the rank of Commander RN and was the Inspecting Commander of the Coast Guards on the Western side of the Isle of Wight...

The National Folklore Collection.1937-38. U.C.D. Belfield
The Schools Scheme of 1837-8 represented one of the greatest drives ever undertaken in the field of folklore collecting. Almost 100,000 children, aged eleven to fourteen, in 5,000 primary schools were involved. According to guidelines laid down by the Irish Folklore Commission and under the direction of the teachers, the children collected this material, mainly from their parents and grandparents and other older members of the local community or school district.