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Waterville Coastguard Station
Possibly a better photo than
my earlier submission as it
includes the Boathouse which is
still used by the Coastguard.

Date: 15/10/2008
Added by: Ancoran
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#1 | Ale Puncher on 20/10/2008 14:39:32
Ancoran's presentation of the Waterville Coast Guard Station including the Boathouse (still used) is very interesting and I see that it appears in old 19th Century Maps as a "Detachment" Station controlled by a Divisional Head Quarters at Cahirciveen; all this of course well before Marconi arrived in Waterville. However I was astonished to see the incredibly obtrusive, very tall modern Radio/Radar Mast rising from the centre of the Coast Guard Station complex. Surely the Waterville Coast Guard Station with the O.S. Co-ordinates E50175 and N66495 was declared a Protected Site back in the 1990s by an authority called the "Duchas" and recorded as such by the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage. How can this nearly 200 year old site have been so appallingly vandalised and its Protected Status ignored? There may or not be other Protected Sites in Waterville but they are not on the Coast, do not contain a Life Boat House and clearly could not launch a Boat . Who is responsible and why has such an insensitive act been permitted? Could it be hoped that some representations might be made to the appropriate Authority to investigate this situation and provide an early remedy to correct this irresponsible development which can only be rectified by the dismantlement of this monstrosity. The Waterville Coast Guard Station is recorded as part of Ireland's heritage and the Authority of those appointed to protect it has been undermined and diminished. Yours sincerely, Ale Puncher

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