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Joseph David Sumners
Born Falmouth 1859.
Ratings held:- Boatmans, June 1895 – 8th.June 1902.
Commissioned Boatman. 19 th June 1902 – 4th.February 1909.
Pensioned 14th.February 1909.
Photo taken in Clifden, Ireland 1906. Left Ireland to go to Whitby, Yorkshire where he died 26th.February 1913.
Eight children born in Ireland. Eight born in St.Ives when he was a seaman .Total 16. Ended his service at Whitby, North Riding of Yorkshire.

Submitted by Sylvia Dorey

Date: 14/06/2007
Added by: Tony
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#1 | Tony on 18/06/2007 17:46:09

The following was presented to Coastguard Joseph David Summers

"We the undersigned residents and visitors of Port Ballintrae have much pleasure in presenting you with a token of our appreciaton of your conduct last September,had it not been for the promptness wherewith you responded to an appeal for immediate help, Miss Hall, whose life you saved would have undoubtedly been drowned. Doctor Heuy, the medical officer of your station stated emphatically thirty seconds more in the water and life would have been extinct, we cannot over value such an act, and we can not be thankful enough that we have such men in our midst. We applied to Commander Saxon for permission to present you with a token of our gratitude and through him obtained the necessary permission to do so from higher quarters.

We beg your acceptance of this purse of sovereigns and hope you will live long to continue the life of usefulness you have begun.

Signed by: Miss Hall the lady you saved, Mrs.Pring, Miss Grace Douglas, Mrs.Craig, Mr.& Mrs.Douglas, Lord & Lady Macnaghten, Col. Underwood, Rev. Dr. Murphy, Sir Francis E. Macnaghten, W.A.Trail, Mrs.Lloyd, R.M.Douglas Jr., Maj.Moore, Mr.Moore, Liverpool, Miss Porter, Mrs.D. McIlroy, Miss Loughran, Dandy & Bobs, Dr.Huey, Lenox Conygham, etc.

This day October 30th 1902, Ireland.

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