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William, George and James McCullen
thanks bpa. Got his service records from the NA quite a while back. Just found James Alexander McCullen's probate entry on Ancestry (died Liverpool April 1940) whilst searching for Charles's father James.

Came across probate records for James McCullen and George Robert McCullen.

1st July 1879
Administration of the Personal Estate of James McCullen of 68 Patrick Street, Kingstown in the County of Dublin in Ireland. Able Seaman in the Royal Navy a Bachelor who died 31st October 1878 at Sea was granted at the Principal Registry to Joseph McCullen of 68 Patrick St, Gentleman the father and next of kin.
Personal Estate under £20.

The same text appears for George Robert McCullen.
The James McCullen who was in Mouth of Boyne was also in Portaferry from 1832-1840. Perhaps these dates approximately match with the birth years of James and Jane.
James at the Mouth of Boyne looks more and more like the father.

Came across a memorial record for John David Sumner RN at this website

which ties a lot of my McCullen's together.
Hello Kevin , I have been passed this thread from a searcher on the Belfast Forum who will s helpin us find my Dads history. Joseph MCUllen and his sons are the uncles of my grandmother Annie Jane Allen.
Her mother was MCCUllen from Kingstown and lived at Tivoli Terrace North Which is now Dun Laoghrie south Dublin.
I would like to discuss this with you as we may be able to help you and you may be able to help us put a jigsaw together. My dad is 91 now and has lived his life not
Knowing who he is. We have discovered
An immense amount recently
And would be happy to share it with you. If you go to the Belfast Forum you will see some of the search. Click on Belfast Genealogy then Mary Jane McCullen link.
Looking forward to hearing from you
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