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Joseph Street
Hello - this message is for Leaya in Australia. I am helping a friend with her family history and her great grandfather is Joseph Street. She descends from Margaret Jane Street, Joseph's youngest daughter who married Edward Samuel Bennett. Her father was Kenneth Thomas Cooper Bennett born in Woolwich in 1909.
It would be nice to know if you descend from John - Joseph's eldest son. I know there was a Joseph and a James. We are also trying to find out what happened to Tryphena and who she married. We know she was alive after 1939 and died in Southsea. I hope to hear from you. My friend that I'm doing the research for is Joan Margaret Bennett Withycombe. She lives in England and I'm in Philadelphia. Hope to hear from you.


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Hello Pat
Yes I am a descendent of John Street!!! (Joseph’s oldest son born 1850). I have a feeling that John’s wife died whilst their two children were quite young and Tryphena lived with him to help raise the children I have her on the 1891 census living with them in Tottenham. I don’t have much information before Joseph(b 1818) and I also have little information on John he was a naval man as well and his children were both born on Jersey in the Channel Islands, and I haven’t been able to access much information as I don’t have any physical access to records to do research.
I have also made contact with a descendent of James Street (b1860), who lives in Melbourne Australia and she has a strong family history of Tryphena as a name.
My private email address is love to hear from you and the friend that you are doing research for.

Hi Leaya

Joseph Thomas Cooper Street is also my ancestor, I have his marriage certificate to Margaret Scantlebury in 1849 (daughter of John Scantlebury, Ballyvaughan, County Clare). Joseph Street's father was a shipwright and both John Scantlebury and Joseph were coastguards. Would love to hear more about them.

Hello just thought I`d join this thread as I`ve been reading it with interest over the last few weeks. I too am a descendent of Joseph T C Street through son James b 1860 and have had contact with both Leaya and Chrispics, my question for the experts is if I have a record for a Naval Record for a James Street how can I be sure it is my ancestor or another born around the same time and place ? I am not sure that he entered the service just that his father and several brothers did.. Is it most likely? thanks for your advice Sue ..
Hi Ssinoz

Most CG and navy records have little or no family information, at best you will get a date of birth, but even this has to be treated with a certain amount of caution.

Your best bet is to obtain a copy of your mans marriage certificate, particularly if you believe he was in the navy at the time, because this would confirm his and his fathers occupations.

I've looked at those service records available online, but could not see one for a James Street born 1860.

As Martin suggested - corroboration is needed. With my relative James Donovan I found that matching baptism records of children against posting in the Naval record not only confirmed I had the right James Dononvan but also enable me to find more children. Sometimes the address on the baptism can also be useful confirmation such as "Coastguard cottages".

You are probably aware that In the 1901 and 1911 Census there is a James Street Coastguard b. Wiltshire England aged 34 and 44 respectively which would imply b. 1867.
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Thankyou so much for your help, I have found a date of birth on the Naval Record of James Street of 6 Nov 1858 which doesnot agree with the info I already have so I`m pretty sure its not my man.. Thanks again and well done on the newsletter I really look forward to receiving and reading it, bringing to life the times and work of the coastguards it is really great reading!! bye Sue
Interestingly he entered the CG service from HMS Imperieuse. It was while onboard her that he served in the Baltic during the Crimean War, earning a Baltic Medal. He is on the medal roll as an AB, ships no 415. Frustratingly the Ships Description Books do not seem to have survived, so you cannot trace his place of birth or age.

I've managed to spend some time at TNA Kew and found a muster roll for HMS Imperieuse which gives enough information about John so now I know who he is. It would appear that he was buried in his home village in the Registration District of St. Germans so I'll obtain a death certificate to conform this.
Following on from this I was hoping to get some success with John Scantlebury the father in law of Joseph Street but unfortunately I hit a brick wall or almost.
Using naming patterns is one option but local burial records is another option but I think that such parish records no longer exist so any other ideas?
Hi Richard

Since my original post I now have a subscription to Find my Past. Using the Merchant Seamen's Tickets, and particularly the records in the BT113 series (these are indexed in BT114), have gathered a good deal of useful information on men who served in the CG service.

As an example there is a record for Joseph Street. This has his birth was 1819, Bursledon, Hampshire - in most cases it actually has a full date - that he was 5' 7'' tall, brown hair, grey eyes, fresh complextion with a tattoo of a sailor with two casks on his right hand, first went to sea as a boy in 1839. This ticket was issued in Bermuda, December 1845, while he was serving on HMS Vindictive.

I did check the 'Scantlebury' records, of which there were quite a few, but many were from the earlier series of Tickets, which unfortunately do not contain the same level of detail but still might be worth checking.

The saga of Margaret the daughter of John & Mary Scantlebury continues and it hasn't been forgotten!
Since I did an update of my website at I've learnt that John Scantlebury a coastguard married a Mary Nicholson at Castletownbere County Cork. he also had another daughter Mary Ann who migrated to Australia.
It was a Church of Ireland marriage as was the baptisim of Thomas Scantlebury. see
P.66 March 1824 Baptisms

14 Thomas son of John and Mary his wife Scantleberrry of the Preventative Coastguard sponsors William Stephens, George Nicholson, Mary Nicholson
Now were George & Mary Nicholson the parents of Mary & was George in the Coastguard, the later question I haven't been able to find so far.
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