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Daniel Mahoney Bunmahon 1865 and Kilmore 1874
Michael Foley
This is my first post on this site so forgive me if I get things wrong. I am looking for data on my wife's great grandfather. When his son Timothy got married in Cork in 1897 his name was registered as Daniel O'Mahony, Excise officer, but his name on his grave is Daniel Mahony and I am convinced that a Daniel Mahoney, coast guard in Bunmahon and father of Timothy Mahoney in 1865 in Timothy's birth registration is the same man. It was common practice to drop the 'O' and make other changes. I have searched the database but no sign of a Daniel Mahoney or Daniel O'Mahony in either of those places. There was a Daniel Mahony in Kilkee, but that was from the 1901 census and I believe my Daniel was dead by then. Any help would be appreciated. I attach the birth registration screen grab.

Thanks in advance, Michael
Michael firstly an apology for the rather tardy reply.

I'm not sure how much the following will help, but it might provide a clue or location for further research.

Daniel Mahoney was first nominated to the CG service in July 1857 from HMS Colossus, with a posting to Tower 31 in England (ADM 175/7 pdf 178). In 1860 he was transferred to Bunmahon (ADM 175/19 pdf 73).
He was subsequently promoted to Comm. Boatman and transferred to Dunmore in Feb 1869.

Looking at the Ship's Establishment Book for the LImerick CG District he gave his place of birth as Cork in 1828 (ADM 175/52 pdf 149). This particular record also shows that he signed up for Cont. Service in 1 May 1864 for 10 years and gives his service number as 29905. A subsequent check of the service records on the National Archives website (incorrectly) has his service number as 29995A. However, a later record shows the original number and has him pensioned off on 30 April 1878.

Interestingly this later record shows he previously signed on for CS in 1853 with the service number CS 5110. Looking at this record on the NA website has him being born in Knockaville, Cork, 1 May 1829.

One final piece of information that needs confirmation, I believe he served on HMS Ajax during the Crimean War, being awarded the Baltic Medal, which was sent to HMS Colossus in 1857.

Hope the above is of some help.

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