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I have a question, who do I contact?What is Private Messaging?What's the Validation code all about?
I have a question, who do I contact?
If you have a question about something you've read on the site and would like to find out more or you have extra information you would like to share about that subject, at the bottom of each article and underneath each photo you'll see the username of the author/submitter. You can either post a comment or contact the member by Personal Messaging or by email [if that member has their email set to visible]. We encourage members to post comments.

The bulk of the content on the site is from Tony in which case you can click the "Contact Tony" link on the left in the nav bar. [N.B. please do not contact Tony with site technical problems as he cannot help you!]

To contact anyone on the site, just click on their username and this will open their Profile. On the left you'll see a PM button whereby you can send them a Personal Message through the site or if they've chosen not to hide their email address you'll see an "Email" button under the avatar space.

If you have a technical question about usage of the site that the FAQ's don't have the answer for, then you need to contact the Site Admin Philip [me] by either sending me a PM or email [address in profile].
What is Private Messaging?
The Private Messaging [PM] system allows members to contact one another without the need for email. Click on Private Messages in the profile box, this will bring you to the PM facility.

You will see a menu at the top left:
Inbox [?/50] Outbox [?/50] Archive [?/100] Options

This tells you how many messages you have in your inbox, etc. You are allowed a maximum of 50 messages in your inbox and outbox folders and you can archive up to 100. If your inbox becomes full, you will not receive any new messages and they won't be "queued", they will be lost. So move any messages you want to keep into your archives folder.
The options are whether you wish to receive an email notification of new message, [the site default setting is No] and whether you wish to save sent messages for future reference.

When you login to the site, if someone has sent you a PM, you'll see a message in the profile box;
You have 1 new messages, click this and it'll bring you straight to the message, if you wish to reply to the sender, just click "Reply" and write your message.

The message will not be read until that person next visits the site unless they have email notification enabled.

If you want to write a message to a member there are several ways of doing it.
1. Go to the PM page and click "Write new message", choose the recipient from the dropdown box and write your message.
2. Use the "Members List" link and navigate through to find the person your're looking for.
3. Click on the username of the person you wish to contact whether in the forum, Photogallery or wherever you came across their username. This will open that members profile page. Under the space for the avatar you'll a [PM] link, click this and a message screen will open for that member without the need to search for it.
The maximum number of messages in any folder is 50, if your inbox is full no one will be able to sent you anymore messages until you clear it out. They will receive an Error warning - Unable to send the Private Message. The user's inbox is full. Any sent messages to a full inbox will be lost!
You can either Save or Delete messages, tick the box beside the message(s) and click either Delete or Save. The saved messages will go to your Archives folder.

If you receive any messages that are offensive or inappropriate, do NOT delete it, report it immediately [Here] and that person will be dealt with accordingly. We will then delete the message.

To date this has not happened, nor do we expect it to. However, we have no way to "vet" new members.
What's the Validation code all about?
In certain sections of the site, eg; "Contact Tony", you'll see a validation code and a box underneath. This is an important security check to prevent spamming and other hacks by spambots [automated programs that hunt the web for unsecured sites].

Just enter the code that's displayed and off you go. [N.B. the code is case sensitive, so if they're displayed as capitals, type in as such.]

If you can't see the code clearly there are two things you can do. First, you can "refresh" the code by clicking the little image on the bottom right of the validation code.

Secondly, you can hear the code read out by clicking the top image.

If you have any queries about either of these, please post your question in the "Site Tech" forum.