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Can I get have my membership deleted?How can I automatically get updated content?How come when I click a link it just brings me to the front page?How do I change my Avatar
The Search Button is partially obscured, what do I do?What is Disabling Smileys all about?What's "Please select your Rating" all about?Why do I have to register to post?
Will my Profile information be accessible to everyone?
Can I get have my membership deleted?
Yes, just send an email to webmaster [at] coast... and ask for your account to be deleted. You must use the same email address that you used to originally sign up with.
How can I automatically get updated content?
You can receive content automatically by subscribing to a web feed. When you subscribe to a web feed, you set the interval at which Internet Explorer will check the website for updates. Once you've set an interval, Internet Explorer will automatically download the most up-to-date web feed list. Click Related Topics to learn how to subscribe to a web feed.

For more information, go back to the FAQ index and visit the "RSS Feeds Questions" section.
How come when I click a link it just brings me to the front page?
There are certain sections only available to logged in members, if you're not a member or are a member but not logged in, you will not be able to visit these sections.
How do I change my Avatar
There are two ways to change your avatar.

1. Click the "Avatar Gallery" link in the navigation bar. Choose the category of images you want, select the one you want by ticking the box beneath it and click Save. You can either wait to be redirected to your profile or you can click the "Edit Profile" link and if you're happy with your selection, click "Update Profile".

2. You can also upload your own avatar.

Click "Edit Profile". Tick the delete button under the default "No Avatar Selected" image and click "Update Profile"

You will now see an upload box where the image was. Browse to your image of choice and click "Update Profile" and your done.

The Avatar file must be a maximum of 100px by 100px and be either .jpg, .png, or .gif format.
The Search Button is partially obscured, what do I do?
This is a monitor resolution problem. The site is designed to work at an optimum size. However, there are so many different size monitors with varying resolutions that it's impossible to satisfy all.

You can either...

1. Alter your monitor resolution to fit more in to your screen size. [Control Panel - Display - Setting Tab - Screen Resolution.] or...

2. Reduce the site text size by clicking the minus symbol beside the A [the one that's causing your problem] or...

3. Use the search link on the left instead of the one at the top that's obscured.

What is Disabling Smileys all about?
At the bottom of most articles, photo's, forum posts, etc you'll see a box marked "Disable Smileys" or something similar.
If you're using brackets, semi-colons, colons, etc in your post the software thinks you're entering a smiley.
To prevent this tick the box and your brackets will be left alone

eg, :)  translates as:  

 :(  translates as:

What's "Please select your Rating" all about?
At the bottom of each article page as well as the photogallery there's a drop down menu called "Please select your Rating:".

The five choices are;

Excellent [5 Stars]
Very Interesting [4 Stars]
Interesting [3 Stars]
Average [2 Stars]
Poor [1 Star]

We encourage members to "Rate" each item as this lets us know what's hot and what's not as well letting those who submitted the material whether it's hit the spot or not.

The more items rated, the better the "Top Rated Articles" works.

This facility is only available to logged in members and is anonymous.
Why do I have to register to post?
First of all, registration is free though necessary. Without registration the forum and comments would be laden with spam and who knows what else.

Spammers use spambots which are automated programs hunting the net for unsecured websites. Without this level off security the site would be unmanageable.
Will my Profile information be accessible to everyone?
No, your profile information [location, email address, etc] is only accessible to other members. If you do not want your email address to be seen by other visitors, click "Edit Profile" in the top right of the navbar and select "Yes" in the hide email field.

The profiles are restricted to prevent spambots from harvesting email addresses for their nefarious purposes.